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Claims Repricing
PPHN receives all of the claims from your medical procedures or appointments. In turn, the negotiated discount is applied, and then it is sent off to your insurance carrier or third party administrator for payment, that is determined by your plan design.

Our goal at PPHN is to provide you with the most cost-effective health plan for your employees or clients. We will help you analyze the possible solutions and determine what works best for you.

Medical Management
Healthcare delivery is local. The regional networks of PPHN were built on the premise that the local provider community could provide the best care for its surrounding area. The feedback has been that doctors prefer to work with our medical management departments, as opposed to a national organization.

Wellness Options
We know how to shape a wellness program that will fit the needs of your company. Helping employees get healthy and stay healthy, while controlling the rate of health care increases, is our main focus.