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The PPHN staff is available to answer your questions and concerns and to provide you with whatever information you may need.

Please contact us by completing this form, calling us at 1-888-898-7746.

Your comments, suggestions and feedback are important to us and help us stay connected to you.

Phone numbers
Medical Management 866-384-7746
Customer Service 888-898-7746

Provider Nomination Form
If any of the healthcare professionals accessed by you or your family are not listed in the PPHN Provider Directory or on the website, please fill out this Provider Nomination Form and submit to PPHN. Although we cannot guarantee a provider's participation when nominated, we will contact any provider who meets our criteria for network membership.

Pennsylvania's Preferred Health Networks
P.O. Box 2347
York, PA 17405
800-842-1768 (p)   717-755-7190 (f)